Self belief


Hi there,

Feeling complacent today could it be with the new year coming up or because of the runnin’ song by Beyonce and naughty boy I’ve been listening to on repeat. Isn’t it incredible how a song can resonate with you.

Looking back at the past year a lot has changed. The past catching up with you, giving up on your love, your love giving up on you,  a friend trading you out for her latest conquest, a manager making you wish the ground would swallow you up. Sickness and health.  These are all just minor things in the grand scheme of life. We come out the other side stronger than before and we stand proud. Proud of what we overcame to get to where we are, proud of the journey ahead and the struggles we overcome.

A manager brings you down – use it as a chance to work to prove them wrong. Someone breaks your heart – be confident in yourself they’ll soon learn what they gave up. Find a way of turning a challenge into an opportunity.

If there’s one thing that I have finally understood in recent years no one has the power or right to judge you. You are who you are and never should have to change yourself for anyone or anything else.

Be proud, be true, be you.

Carpe diem.



Author: Grace

New to blogging!

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