Vita Coco coconut oil review



Today’s review will be based on the Vita Coco coconut oil.

This retails for £9.99 for a 500ml jar, ‘gluten free, cold pressed and 100% raw’. Having tried an unrefined coconut oil before this feels and smells so much more natural and I can safely say that I will be sticking to this 100% raw version with no added chemicals in future.

Coconut oil has an incredible multitude of health benefits and includes uses for baking, improving digestion, skin care and hair care.

I’ve had this jar for around a month now and can already see this will last an incredibly long time.

With the winter weather causing havoc on my skin causing dry patches and flaking this has been highly beneficial. I’ve been using this after exfoliating and rubbing a small amount in my hands and smoothing over my face before sleeping. Another great use for this product is as a make up remover, it really does a great job of removing all traces even more so than my standard make up removers. This also doubles up as a great treatment for dry lips as well.

I have also been using this as a hair treatment rubbing a small amount  between my hands to warm the product and ensuring my hair is covered, particularly focusing on the ends. Fortnightly I apply this prior to sleeping  and find my hair fully replenished and fresh in the morning after a good rinse. Top tip for rinsing this product out is using conditioner first and spending extra time to rinse out every last bit of coconut oil.

This is a product that is highly coveted as being multi use with so many benefits. This is an all round great value for money product that I would highly recommend. As the packaging rightly states ‘eat it, wear it, swear by it’.



Have a great day!


Author: Grace

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